Reinfa, a dedicated indoor planting solutions provider, offers a versatile product line that includes Grow Racks. Reinfa innovative racks come in two variants: a multi-tiered movable growing rack and a single-tier rolling bench. Both solutions prioritize sturdiness, smooth mobility, corrosion resistance, and flexibility, all tailored to meet the needs of growers and provide a secure, efficient, and comfortable planting experience.

Robust Construction and Smooth Mobility:

Constructed from high-strength steel, Reinfa Grow Racks boast a robust structure capable of supporting loads of up to 1000 kg per section for multi-tiered rack and up to 500 kg per section for single-tier rolling bench.

The multi-tiered racks feature specially designed mobile carriages at the base, equipped with 304 stainless steel wheels and a dual-wheel drive system. This solid and stable structure enables easy and smooth movement of the loaded growing racks, facilitating convenient daily maintenance and operations for planters.

Corrosion Resistance:

To withstand the challenges of indoor planting environments, Reinfa Mobile Growing Racks undergo a special anti-corrosion coating process. This treatment ensures the racks can resist the effects of humidity and corrosion, maintaining optimal performance over extended periods of use.

Flexibility in Design:

The modularity and interconnectivity of Reinfa Growing Racks allow for customizable adjustments in height and length based on the practical needs of the growers. This adaptability enables planters to tailor the dimensions of the growing racks to accommodate varying plant heights, growth requirements, and facilitate the relocation or reconfiguration of planting spaces.

User-Centric Design:

Reinfa places a strong emphasis on user habits and preferences in the design of their Grow Racks. The rack’s highly compatible structure allows for easy installation of additional facilities such as plant lights, irrigation systems, and internal airflow systems. The thoughtful shock-absorbing design minimizes the risk of accidents during movement, preventing hand injuries or collisions that could damage the surface of the rack.

Reinfa Grow Racks emphasize on robust construction, smooth mobility, corrosion resistance, flexibility, and user-centric design, these racks provide a secure, efficient, and comfortable planting experience for growers.

Reinfa’s commitment to quality ensures that our Grow Racks not only meet but exceed the expectations of the modern indoor gardening community. Elevate your planting experience with Reinfa – where safety, efficiency, and comfort converge for the ultimate growing solution.

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