Grow Rack

High-quality affordable movable rack for indoor growers

Reinfa Grow Rack comes in two variants: a Multi-tiered Movable Growing Rack and a Single-tier Rolling Bench.

Both solutions prioritize sturdiness, smooth mobility, corrosion resistance, flexibility, and ease of installation, all tailored to meet the needs of growers and provide a secure, efficient, and comfortable planting experience.


  • Robust construction and smooth mobility for effortless maintenance
  • Corrosion-resistant design for long-lasting performance
  • Flexible modularity for customizable growing spaces and easy installation and disassembly.
  • Grower-centric features for enhanced user comfort and safety

Movable Multi-tier Grow Rack: Durable and User-friend

Reinfa’s movable multi-tier grow rack offers material options in SS304 and coated steel, prioritizing rust resistance, durability, and ease of use. The mechanical dual-axis drive chassis ensures smooth mobility, while the modular design simplifies installation. The result is a grow rack that not only provides a sturdy foundation for cultivation but also prioritizes user experience, making it a hassle-free solution for indoor growers.

Rolling Bench: Quicker Assembly; Less Labour

Reinfa’s rolling bench outshines many similar products on the market in terms of ease of installation. Its modular assembly and screw fixation, without the need for special tools, ensure durability. Each foot is height-adjustable to accommodate uneven ground, making it a user-friendly cultivation frame.

Why Choose Reinfa Mobile Grow Rack?

Grower-Empowered Design: We listen to you, the plant whisperer. Our racks reflect your needs and aspirations, fostering a joyful and productive growing experience.

Safety, Quality, and Comfort: Uncompromising materials, meticulous construction, and intuitive design prioritize both plant well-being and your ease of use.

Free Professional Design Solutions: Reinfa offers free professional planting space optimization design solutions, assisting growers in maximizing their cultivation space.

Competitive Pricing: Reinfa is committed to providing the most competitive prices in the market, making advanced cultivation technology accessible to a broad range of growers.

Experience Reinfa Grow Rack Quality

Mobile Grow Rack for Indoor Cannabis Growers

Reinfa Grow Racks: Elevating Planting Experiences with Safety, Efficiency, and Comfort

Upgrade Your Grow Rack System To Meet Your Crop Needs


FarmAero is a vertical aeroponic grow system designed to grow high-value crops such as cannabis and other medicinal plants. Aeroponics is highly beneficial for plant root growth, resulting in faster, stronger plants with enhanced flavor.


FarmHydro is a vertical NFT grow system with a user-friendly design that allows growers to pick up all their plants from one place. It is designed to grow leafy greens, such as lettuce, edible flowers, strawberries, and other small plants.


UniFarm is a versatile vertical grow system. with the ability to switch between two different irrigation modes: flood-and-drain and drip irrigation, it can be used to grow a wide variety of plant species including cannabis, vine plants, strawberries, microgreens and more. Its adaptability makes UniFarm the go-to choice for both commercial and home growers.

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