a universal hydroponic vertical farming solution

UniFarm is a universal vertical hydroponic system

Rooted in Flood and Drain (also known as ebb & flow) technology by Reinfa. it makes indoor cultivation simple, adapts to different growing methods, and lets you grow a diverse range of crops efficiently within the same system.

UniFarm S

UniFarm L

Features of UniFarm

Simplicity   •     Adaptability   •     Flexibility

Easy to Use

UniFarm is designed to be user-friendly, especially for beginners in indoor farming. It uses the simplest hydroponic method -flood and drain, also known as ebb and flow which is like giving your plants a good soak and then letting the water drain away. This makes it easy for anyone, no matter their experience, to grow plants indoors without a fuss.

Adaptable to Different Ways of Growing:

UniFarm is flexible and can work with various ways of growing plants. It can use different types of growing mediums like soilless mixes and rockwool, giving you options to choose what works best for your plants. It can also switch to a dripping watering system by just incorporating dropper settings, adding an extra layer of adaptability to meet the specific needs of different crops, or optimizing water delivery based on evolving cultivation strategies.

Grow Different Crops Easily:

UniFarm lets you grow a mix of plants in the same system, as long as they need similar nutrients and light. Whether you want small plants like leafy greens or larger ones like tomatoes or peppers, UniFarm has you covered. There are two versions – UniFarm S for smaller plants and UniFarm L for larger ones, making it easy to pick the right fit for what you want to grow.

Responsive to Market Trends:

UniFarm’s flexibility not only accommodates various crops but also allows growers to optimize their cultivation strategy based on evolving market trends and consumer preferences, empowering indoor farmers to adjust their crop styles and yield plans dynamically, responding promptly to meet market demands.

UniFarm S

For all kinds of dwarf plants with similar growth conditions to leafy greens

UniFarm L

For all kinds of medium-large plants such as cannabis,cucumbers, tomatoes, pepper, eggplant, okra, and so on.

Introducing UniFarm: A Smart Start for Small and Medium Vertical Farms

UniFarm: The Simple and User-Friendly Vertical Farming System for Everyone

What Makes UniFarm a Universal Grow System for All Indoor Farmers

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