Making indoor farming feasible, profitable,meeting the world’s sustainable crop-growing standard.

About Reinfa

Reinfa, a professional manufacturer of vertical farming equipment, based on 7 years of experience in the indoor farming industry and 10 years of experience in metal products manufacture, is committed to providing innovative solutions for indoor farmers.

Understanding the crucial role efficiency plays in indoor farming, we prioritize user-centric product research and development. Our grow systems serve as extensions of growers’ capacities, emphasizing ease of use, reliability, and low maintenance. This focus is designed to enhance your yields and minimize costs. Supported by the Reinfa team’s outstanding customer support, you can operate with confidence and concentrate on cultivating healthy crops.

Reinfa is a team with passion and belief in global indoor agriculture development. We believe that only passion and belief can lead us to extraordinary achievements.

Join us, to bind together, to share one goal – MAKING INDOOR FARMING SUCCESSFUL MORE THAN EVER!

Our service solutions go beyond products

Our team of experts are experienced in horticulture, lighting, environmental control and more, and offer services in every stage of the process – from planning to implementation and tracking to troubleshooting. We are invested in helping you succeed!

User-Friendly Indoor Farming Equip

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Reliable Post-Sale Service

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 Reinfa Team

Empowering the global indoor agriculture development with innovative technology solutions for a more accessable sustainable food production ecosystem.

Reinfa is more than a company. We’re a passionate community driven by indoor agriculture’s potential. We develop cutting-edge solutions for global growers, fueled by our love for growing healthy food and a sustainable future.

Our talented team enjoys indoor farming and thrives on sharing their knowledge. At Reinfa, everyone is encouraged to explore their creativity and is fairly rewarded for their achievements. We believe work should be joyful and fulfilling, creating an environment that fosters personal growth and happiness.

Join us and experience the future of agriculture!

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