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We can help you take your indoor farming ideas and turn them into highly profitable realities!

Reinfa, a team passionate about indoor agriculture, designs and manufactures user-friendly vertical grow systems. We are committed to making indoor vertical farming accessible to a wider audience by investing in affordable systems and R&D. This focus will enable more individuals and businesses to take advantage of the benefits of indoor vertical farming and contribute to the global indoor agriculture development with a more sustainable food production ecosystem.

What Vertical Farming Solutions Are You Looking For?

Reinfa solves complex problems to bring you simple, easy-to-use indoor farming equipment

Leafy Greens
Fruit Vegetable
aeroponic vertical grow system


NFT Hydroponic Solution

Perfect vertical farming system for lettuce cultivation

The system also accommodates to grow

● Other leafy greens


Aeroponic Solution

Perfect vertical farming system for medical plant cultivation

The system also accommodates to grow

● Tomatoes

● Cucumbers

● Peppers

● Beans

● Other medium-large size crops


Flood-and-drain / Ebb & Flow

A Universal Vertical Farming Solution for Various Crop Cultivation

The system comes in two versions, UniFarm S and UniFarm L which accommodates to grow

●  UFS

Smaller plants like leafy greens, microgreens, herbs, saffron, and more


Larger crops such as cannabis, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and others


Drip Irrigation

The system comes in two versions, FarmDrip S and FarmDrip L 

●  FDS – Strawberry

FarmDrip S is a vertical farming system dedicated to strawberry cultivation.

FDL – Medical Plants

FarmDrip S is a vertical farming system dedicated to cannabis cultivation.

LED Grow Light Solution

  • Light Spectrum
  • Light Intensity
  • Light Power
  • Structure Profile

According to the type of plants and application field, we offer various design in high power and low power that can be applied to high, low, and multi-layer spaces respectively.

As we know, LED grow light is the most captialintensive part among the indoor grow facilities, and the power bill is also the largest cost for plant production. It’s essential to get a right efficient LED grow light especially for large scale commercial farms. In order to maximize the power efficiency, we do customized light spectrum to the target type of plants for projects, and we use high-end materials to get stable high performance for the long run.

How we do

Invest in equipment and solutions that truly help you achieve that goal

Each project demands a tailored solution, meticulously crafted to address the specific constraints and opportunities at hand, not merely a theoretical ideal. By thoroughly comprehending both the limitations and potential of available resources, we formulate optimal operation plans.

Our custom-made indoor farming equipment precisely aligns with the agreed-upon solution proposal, meticulously tailored to each client’s unique circumstances, objectives, and budgetary constraints.

Reinfa empowers indoor farm owners and investors to maximize productivity while minimizing energy expenses, facility investments, and labor costs as much as possible.

” Your conditions, target, budget “

Do you agree it’s worth spending a little more time on early communication, to get the ideal equipment and a happy experience in later operation?

Tell Your Farm Plan

” Make the most out of the facility investment “

Every project varies as everyone’s condition is different. We bring the solution based on your given conditions, target, and budget. It’s FREE.

Reinfa Solution Proposal

” Produce bespoke indoor farming equipment according to the agreed solution proposal “

Normally it takes 35 days for production, and 20 days to do an operation test to make sure the equipment is qualified and running perfectly before to be handed over to you.

Order Process

” Provide product warranty, instruction book and video, on-site service, and life-long support “

As the products are customized, we make detailed instructions at the same time we do operation tests and hand them over to you along with shipment delivery. We also provide warranty and troubleshooting online service and on-site service.


We offer 24/7 tech support with an integral post-sale service that guarantees your satisfaction!

Growing food for a sustainable future has never been so simple and now you can achieve that goal with a highly efficient indoor vertical farm setup that is easy to install and operate without assistance.

Finding a good supplier that ensures the quality and accessibility you need is not easy, but Reinfa provides what you need.

When you purchase equipment for Reinfa, you are acquiring the solutions you need in order to stand out in the industry. We go beyond expectations with training, consulting, installation and operation guides to ensure that your farming project has the best possible yield.

Be Reinfa’s Happy User ~

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