BEST LETTUCE vertical farming solution

FarmHydro is a vertical hydroponic system

Rooted in the reliable Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) technology, FarmHydro brings forward a significant innovation that transforms the way growers approach indoor multi-layered lettuce cultivation

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Features of FarmHydro

Innovation    •     Efficiency     •     Simplicity    •     Flexibility

Strategic Planting Raft Placement: Transforming Workflow Efficiency

All planting rafts can be conveniently positioned and collected at the front of the tray, eliminating the need for growers to navigate the entire production line. This visionary placement not only streamlines workflow but also saves significant time and energy.

Easy-Clean Irrigation System: Reducing Grower Workload

Each layer’s planting tubs are seamlessly connected, forming a smooth, uninterrupted flow. The surfaces are designed to be smooth, reducing the likelihood of debris accumulation. This innovative approach simplifies the cleaning and maintenance process, significantly lightening the workload for growers compared to traditional independent planting tubs.

Mobility: Maximizing Planting Space and Accessibility

FarmHydro also comes with a motorized mobile version, reducing the need for aisle space and greatly increasing the available planting area. This mobility not only enhances accessibility for growers but also boosts the spatial utilization rate of the planting room.

Data of FarmHydro for a 200㎡ Grow Room

Suppose the room size is 10 meters wide, 20 meters long, and 3.6 meters high

Production Lines


Pots Quantity


Grow Areas


Yield per Month (lettuce)

4,860 kg

LED Watts


Fan Watts


Production Lines


Pots Quantity


Grow Areas


Yield per Month (lettuce)

6,804 kg

LED Watts


Fan Watts


Why is Reinfa’s FarmHydro The Top Pick For Large-Scale Leafy Greens Growing in 2024

Reinfa’s FarmHydro: The Best Vertical Hydroponic System for Commercial Lettuce Growers

Revolutionizing Indoor Vertical Farming with Reinfa’s Innovative NFT Hydroponic System

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