In the dynamic landscape of indoor farming, Reinfa has unveiled a groundbreaking solution with its FarmHydro Vertical Hydroponic Growing System. Comprising five integral components, this innovative system sets a new standard for efficiency and productivity, with a particular focus on optimizing space, airflow, lighting, water management, and irrigation.

1. Innovative NFT-Based Irrigation System: Streamlining Multi-Layered Cultivationand Easy-Clean

Central to Reinfa’s FarmHydro system is its irrigation mechanism, rooted in the reliable Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) technology. The ingenious design of the irrigation system incorporates a major innovation – all planting rafts can be conveniently positioned and collected at the front of the tray. This strategic placement eliminates the need for growers to navigate the entire production line, saving significant amounts of time and energy. 


This irrigation system is also crafted for easy cleaning and maintenance. Each planting tub on every layer is seamlessly connected, forming a smooth, uninterrupted flow. The surface is designed to be sleek and resistant to debris accumulation. This innovative design significantly reduces the workload for growers, making the maintenance process a breeze.

2. Flowmeter Control: Precision Water Management at Every Layer

Precision in water management is a feature of FarmHydro, facilitated by the inclusion of a flowmeter control system. This component allows growers to precisely regulate the water flow on each layer of the planting rack. This level of control ensures that each plant receives the appropriate amount of water, contributing to optimal growth conditions and resource efficiency.

3. Multi-Layered Planting Structure: Maximizing Space and Compatibility

At the heart of the FarmHydro system lies a thoughtfully designed multi-layered planting rack. Tailored to accommodate the spatial growth requirements of lettuce and other leafy greens, this structure ensures compatibility with other components while maximizing space utilization. The strategic arrangement of planting rafts not only supports the plants’ growth needs but also sets the stage for the system’s key innovation.


FarmHydro also comes with a movable version. This mobility option not only reduces the need for aisle space but also significantly increases the available planting area. With this feature, FarmHydro elevates the spatial utilization rate of the planting room by at least 50%, showcasing a commitment to optimizing space and accessibility for growers.

4. In-Rack Fan: Balancing Airflow for Optimal Indoor Conditions

To address the challenge of dense planting spaces, Reinfa integrates an in-rack fan into the FarmHydro system. This component promotes uniform airflow within the cultivation area, contributing to balanced indoor temperature and humidity levels. The result is an environment conducive to healthy plant growth, minimizing the risk of issues related to stagnant air and fostering optimal conditions for cultivation.

5. LED GrowLights: Tailored Spectrum for Maximum Energy Conversion

FarmHydro incorporates specialized LED grow lights designed for leafy greens. This lighting solution optimizes energy conversion efficiency, covering each square meter with an even distribution of 100 watts. By utilizing a spectrum tailored to the needs of leafy vegetables, Reinfa ensures that every plant receives the light it requires for robust and efficient photosynthesis.

By combining thoughtful design elements such as multi-layered planting structures, in-rack fans, LED grow lights, flowmeter control, and an innovative NFT-based irrigation system, Reinfa has created a comprehensive solution that optimizes efficiency and simplicity. The strategic placement of planting rafts further distinguishes FarmHydro as a system that not only understands the needs of plants but also prioritizes the practicality of the grower. That makes Reinfa’s FarmHydro the Best Vertical Hydroponic System for Commercial Lettuce Growers.

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