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Aeroponic Vertical Farming System

Reinfa FarmAero innovates aeroponic growing with a safer growing environment design for plants and easier maintenance work for growers. Specifically designed to optimize high-value medical plant growth, FarmAero delivers a superior aeroponic experience with enhanced nutrient uptake, accelerated crop cycles, and increased yield of higher-quality crops.


FarmDrip S

Strawberry Vertical Farming System

FarmDrip S is an optimal vertical farming system for strawberry cultivation, powered by Reinfa’s innovative drip hydroponic technology, delivering simple, effective and user-friendly indoor strawberry farm operation.


Lettuce Vertical Farming System

FarmHydro is a vertical grow system based on hydroponic technique, which provides a revolutionized grow way for lettuce indoor farming. It is perfect for growing leafy greens and other dwarf-type vegetable crops.


A Universal Vertical Farming Solution for Efficient Crop Growth

UniFarm is a versatile vertical farming system, with the ability to switch between two different irrigation modes: flood-and-drain and drip irrigation, it can be used to grow a wide variety of plant species. Its adaptability makes UniFarm the go-to choice for both commercial and home growers.


Mobile Grow Rack

MGR is a mobile grow rack, providing a smooth and easy-moving experience to growers. It’s modular, size scalable, anti-rust, and flexible to integrate with other facilities.


Rack Light Lift

RLL is a motorized grow light lift. It is developed to help growers safely and efficiently adjust the height of their light. Always keep their plants under the optimal light intensity effortlessly.

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Turning Indoor farming into a highly profitable venture!

Reinfa specializes in designing and manufacturing high-performing indoor grow systems for the vertical farming industry, offering comprehensive and tailored grow room solutions. Our product line, encompassing FarmAero, FarmHydro, FarmDrip, UniFarm, Grow Rack, and holistic grow room solutions – FarmMax and FarmInn – is meticulously designed to optimize crop cultivation mainly including lettuce and other leafy greens, medical plants like cannabis, saffron, vine vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, and strawberries.

Reinfa’s innovative technologies are deeply rooted in our market insights and customer understanding. We firmly believe in customer-centric service, prioritizing our clients’ actual needs to provide comprehensive and personalized solutions.


What Makes Reinfa Outstanding

A Facility That Meets Your Needs

  • We design and make indoor farming equipment standing in farmers’ shoes;
  • We bring a solution that meets your needs and budget.

Technology You Can Count On

  • We also manage and operate indoor farming facilities, enabling us to meticulously refine our equipment and products for enhanced efficiency and user-friendliness;
  • All solutions are based on our experience and operational knowledge of successful farms.

A Responsive Team

  • We develop and deliver solutions tested, certified, and compliant to the highest standards.
  • We have a complete after-sale service package and technical support that lead to a successful easy-end operation.

Affordable Price & Quick delivery

  • We are keenly aware that global indoor farming’s development lies on overall cost down, as being an indoor farming equipment supplier, only our customers win, we can win. The best thing we can do is to offer really good products at substantial prices.
  • We are located in a city that is a hub of industrial expertise in China enabling us to provide timely and efficient product delivery.



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Boost yields: How FarmAero M Amazes Commercial Indoor Cannabis Growers with Innovative Aeroponic Vertical Farming Technology

Boost yields: How FarmAero M Amazes Commercial Indoor Cannabis Growers with Innovative Aeroponic Vertical Farming Technology

FarmAero M by Reinfa is an innovative vertical aeroponic system for commercial cannabis cultivation. With its refined aeroponic system, Light Lift technology, LED grow lights, in-rack airflow, and movable multi-tier grow rack, it offers commercial cannabis farmers or growers a high-efficiency, user-friendly, and economically viable solution to achieve the goals of cost reduction and increased productivity.

What is Aeroponic and Why It is the Best Cultivation System

What is Aeroponic and Why It is the Best Cultivation System

Aeroponics is an incredible amount of water as little as compared with other plant growing systems. The system reduces the labor cost, consumes less water usage by 98%, fertilizer usage by 60%, pesticide and herbicide usage by 100%, and maximizes plant yield by 45% to 75% than either hydroponics or geoponics systems (Stoner 1983; NASA 2006).

Let’s turning your Indoor farming into a highly profitable venture!

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