FarmDrip S

strawberry dedicated vertical farming solution

FarmDrip S is a vertical drip irrigation system

Powered by precise drip irrigation technology, FarmDrip S delivers simple, effective, and user-friendly indoor strawberry farm operation.

Cultivation Challenges of Strawberries

Strawberries, with their delightful sweet and tangy flavor, have earned a special place in the hearts of many. However, the journey of cultivating these beloved berries is no easy feat. Strawberries thrive in moist conditions but are intolerant to waterlogging. Indoor cultivation presents its own set of challenges, requiring a delicate balance of soil moisture without stagnant water. Additionally, strawberries demand high levels of water and nutrients, necessitating timely watering, fertilization, and careful pruning for optimal growth. To add to the complexity, manual pollination is often essential, making strawberry cultivation a task that demands both skill and dedication.

Features of FarmDrip S

Simple    •     Efficient     •     User-friendly  

Precision Water and Nutrient Management:

At the heart of the FarmDrip S system lies its precision water and nutrient management through a dedicated drip irrigation system. This technology allows growers to finely control the amount of water and nutrients delivered to each plant, optimizing growth conditions and enhancing overall yield.

Adequate Ventilation and Drainage:

The design of FarmDrip S cultivation pots prioritizes ventilation and drainage, crucial factors in preventing soil waterlogging and avoiding root rot in strawberries. This thoughtful design ensures that the plants receive the right balance of moisture without compromising their health.

User-Friendly Operation:

The structural design of the FarmDrip S system is not only geared towards the needs of strawberries but also prioritizes the ease of operation for growers. The cultivation framework provides ample space for plant growth and facilitates essential management practices like pruning with convenience.

Data of FarmDrip S for a 200㎡ Grow Room

Suppose the room size is 10 meters wide, 20 meters long, and 4 meters high

Production Lines


Pots Quantity


Net Grow Areas


Yield per Year (strawberry)

Estimated to 10,608 kg

LED Watts


Fan Watts


Why FarmDrip S is Your First Choice for Strawberry Vertical Farming

FarmDrip S: Doing Strawberry Vertical Farming with Precision and Ease

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