Custom Your Vertical Farming System

Optimal use of space ⭐ Improved efficiency ⭐ Tailored to crop needs ⭐ Reduced waste ⭐ Scalability

Vetical Grow System

Modular • Customizable • Quick-installation

Reinfa vertical farming systems streamline your cultivation process, improve efficiency and save space

FarmAero series

Stronger Growth • Higher Yield & Quality • Max Fertilizer & Space Efficiency

Aeroponic is Reinfa’s feature tech. Aeroponics increases total root surface area, and therefore maximizes oxygen availability to the roots, increasing water and nutrient uptake. As a result, aeroponic cultivation can offer more yield gains with less water and fertilizer up to 95% when compared to soil grow.

Reinfa’s FarmAero series gives a simple solution to farmers or growers who are interested in aeroponic. We solve complex problems, and make it a neat, precise, user-friendly, ready-to-implement system for commercial indoor cultivation.

aeroponic vertical grow system


Perfect vertical farming system for cannabis cultivation

The system includes 4 subsystems

● Aeroponic system

● Mobile Grow rack

● In-Rack airflow

● LED grow lights

● Lights lift


aeroponic vertical grow system


Cost-effective • Productive • Wide Application

Reinfa’s FarmHydro series is a fully-integrated system that comes equipped with

● NFT watering system

● Grow rack

● Airflow

● LED grow lights


Easiest vertical farming system for various crop cultivation

The system includes 4 subsystems

● Mobile Grow rack

● Leafygreen strategy airflow

● LED grow lights

● Flood & Drain

aeroponic vertical grow system

Reinfa Product Solutions

Auto Irrigation Solution

Reinfa offers varieties of irrigation solution including all kinds of watering system, aeroponic, hydroponic, dripping, according to the scale of growing system and clients’ specific requirements to the farm, we work out the most suitable irrigation solution.

LED Grow Light Solution

According to the type of plants and application field, we offer various design in high power and low power that can be applied to high, low, and multi-layer spaces respectively.

As we know, LED grow light is the most captialintensive part among the indoor grow facilities, and the power bill is also the largest cost for plant production. It’s essential to get a right efficient LED grow light especially for large scale commercial farms. In order to maximize the power efficiency, we do customized light spectrum to the target type of plants for projects, and we use high-end materials to get stable high performance for the long run.

Smart Control Solution

For the control part, reliable performance is everything. In the indoor farming, it will trigger a domino effect if there is a part fall especially in a highly integrated automatic control system. As being a farmer, we well noticed the pro and cons of the control part, simplicity and reliable performance is the FIRST thing when Reinfa brings clients control solution for their farms.

Grow Rack Solution

Rack for cultivation is difference from one for storage, except the load capacity, we also need to considering appropriate space for plant growth and compatibility with other affiliate equipment like grow lights and air flow system.

According to feature of the plant, Reinfa provides professional grow rack design, guarantees stable performance, user-friendly function, and optimizes space utilization.

What is the best vertical farming system for your farm?

Reinfa’s answer: The best system is not always the most expensive or high-tech one, but rather the one that fits your specific needs and resources.

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